What is required to be an active member? 
  • Local chapter dues:
         $10 per year (members of National AAZK)
         $20 per year (non-members of National AAZK)
  • Membership with AAZK National is recommended for local chapter members!  See the Benefits section below for an opportunity for a free year of National membership!

So, what are the benefits of being a member of the chapter? 
  • The Greater Kansas City AAZK Chapter works to educate the public and help conserve biodiversity on both a local and a worldwide scale. Your participation helps support conservation efforts for a variety of causes, including our largest annual fundraising event--Bowling for Rhinos--an AAZK National event that actually originated at this chapter!!
  • If you are also a member of AAZK National, the chapter will reimburse your national dues for your first year as a member of the local chapter.
  • Active member earn points for participating in the chapter through things such as attending meetings, taking an elected or appointed position, and assisting with special events.  Points can be redeemed at an exchange of 10 points = $1 to be used for paying local dues, national dues, attending conferences/workshops/seminars, and more!
  • Meet and spend time with fellow animal lovers and conservation enthusiasts from local animal care organizations around the Kansas City area!!

Interested in learning more or think you'd like to join?

The Greater Kansas City AAZK Chapter welcomes new members and those interested in learning more about what we do!  Contact us, and we'll send you the details of our next meeting or event!  We'll give you an overview of our chapter and what benefits being a member can have for you!

Meeting Notes

Missed a Meeting? Check in here to see what happened!

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Looking for older meeting minutes?  Contact us and we'll be happy to share them with you!

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